News published on March 8, 2016
SmartCare® from Diamond V brings smarter technology to pre-weaning liquid diets for calves, which helps calves get a healthy start and faster growth.SmartCare is a unique, natural, nutritional health product for inclusion in whole milk or any type of calf milk replacer. Dairy producers can learn about SmartCare and other Diamond V products by contacting Diamond V representatives, who will atte ...
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Article published the August 10, 2015
During the first two weeks after birth, a calf’s health and future productivity is at high risk. Investing time and money to reduce the incidence of disease and improve survival at this time generates good payback. Feeding to support the calf’s immune system, combined with good husbandry and environment, helps to optimize overall health, growth, and productivity. The newborn calf poss ...
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Article published the August 10, 2015
Oxidative stress is a normal occurrence during the immune system’s inflammatory response to infection or injury. Inflammation plays a vital role in the body’s response to pathogens and tissue damage. However, considerable evidence now points to oxidative stress from chronic inflammation as a contributing factor in a number of health and production disorders in cattle. Research suggest ...
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