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Feeding of grains can never be avoided in today's dairy animals which have been genetically engineered to produce more and more milk as compared to cows of earlier days. Excessive feeding of grains in the absence of roughage's only adds to health issues due to acidosis (SARA) and related ailments like laminitis and reproductive failures. As the author as well as many commentators has pointed out, ...
Article published the March 21, 2014
Nutrition plays a significant role in animal reproduction and there is always a positive correlation between the two. The influence of nutrition in animal reproduction begins early in the animal’s life as the influence of nutrition in young animals affect the age at which they reach puberty. In mature animals poor nutrition can reduce production of ova and spermatozoa, so that a female eithe ...
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There can be no second opinion with regard to the importance of balanced nutrition vis a vis production and productivity. TMR holds great promise and potential for farmers in India and Pakistan where the problems faced by farmers are more or less the same.Either there is a deficiency of fodder both green dry and to overcome this farmers resort to feeding extra concentrates which then becomes unec ...
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This is an area,the Study of changes in Animal Behavior, that holds great promise in controlling and taking preventive measures even before the disease actually unfolds. The article although has dealt in detail about the common metabolic diseases and mastitis,evidences in the form of pictures could have helped.The study could be extended to many other diseases as well,and nuances in behavioral ch ...
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Backyard poultry rearing is practiced widely all across the globe and in India it is recognized as one important tool for increasing income levels in rural areas and also for meeting nutritional security. At the face of it supplementary feeding for backyard poultry may sound out of place since generally they are kept on foraging.However given the genetic improvements that have gone into poultry v ...
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