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Introduction Milk is a liquid consisting of 86-87% water and this means that it is a bulky and heavy commodity. Milk is also produced on a daily basis. As a result, milk requires high cost transportation and there is a cost limit on the range over which it can be sold. It will only keep for a few days, which places a time limit on the period during which it can be used or processed and transforme ...
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Introduction Gut health has a great influence on the growth performance and welfare of poultry, as it affects feed digestion, nutrient absorption, protein and energy utilization, immunity and disease resistance, metabolism, and physiology.  Indeed, gut health may be of greatest concern among poultry producers because of its impact on economic sustainability, and their customers´ concer ...
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Well, this thread is proving to be quite interesting and many different dimensions of the issue have been brought to light through this discussion. My trade is not animal nutrition but from a different perspective, I have a comment to make. This is the global FOOD SECURITY situation which has been exacerbated by the use of grains for ethanol production and rapid population growth, as well as poor ...
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