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Sharma Madan Lal
B.V.Sc & AH
Cost effective Productivity Enhancement, Reproductive efficiency, Disease prevention particularly mastitis, expertees to Dairy farmers backed up with 40 yrs exposer to pan india operations.
B.V.Sc & AH
Discussion created on August 26, 2023
Grains are the main source of energy to Ruminants as practiced today. But anatomically and physiologically ruminants are designed to digest roughages and fibrous feed to produce VFA's to meet out the major (70%) component of maintenance energy requirements. With the expectation of extra energy supplement for lactation, grains are being fed. But during the process, we create a challenge for animal ...
Participation in Forum on July 6, 2021
Dear All Any improvement in mastitis following use of any non conventional or unscientific treatment is primarily attributable to host immunity in udder. And people try to take credit of that like herbals. We all are well read veterinarians, how to digest that topical and external use of any application can control the infection lying inside the udder. We must accept the thing Which is having soun ...
Participation in Forum on June 29, 2021
Dr.Jibachha Shah - we should look out for cocktail of bacteriophage for the commonly invading bacteria. That will be logical solution to the problem.
Participation in Forum on September 4, 2018
Very well narrated. I stess for 200 - 500 gms of bypass fat per animal yielding 40 lt and above to meet out the energy requirements. Hot climate reduces the feed intake and aminal exhibits symptoms like panting. We must immediately condense the feed by increasing the bye pass fat and proteins. I am consulting the high yielders farm for last 40 yrs. Another important aspect is water intake. Animal ...
Participation in Forum on August 26, 2018
We need to study Ayurveda by joining BAMS. Years spent in modern medicine have gone waste (around 45 yrs).I am yet to see a critical case moving from allopathic hospital to Ayouvedic hospital.
Participation in Forum on August 13, 2018
Forum has turned down to an advertisement board. Looks funny than local ointments can reduce subclinical maatitis. Either we don't know subclinical mastitis or the author.
Participation in Forum on July 26, 2018
ZHANG QUANYOU - Pl guide how to use Ozone to control mastitis?
Participation in Forum on July 22, 2018
Mastitis is not well understood. Mastitis develops only when there is break in continuity of endothelium of blood vessels supplying blood to milk glands. Bac attack at the site of bruised or lacerated endothelium due to oxalates and other biochemical produces.There are millions of bac in buccal cavity, eye orbits or even intestine but infection develops only when there is break in continuity in ep ...
Participation in Forum on May 14, 2018
Dr Verma, depigmentation in buffaloes is primarily due to deficiency of copper and adequate exosure to sun light. Zn def will make the skin coat very rough and dry. Deworming can improve the shine on skin coat.
Participation in Forum on May 8, 2018
Today the main problem is the availability of desired feed and forage at a bearable cost. Adding any supplement, prebiotic and probiotic will surely benefit if basic requirements of feed ingredients are present in the feed.Main tussle with dairy farming is - Farmer says: I will definitely feed appropriately once I get the production. Animal says - You feed me first appropriately then only yield th ...
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