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Participation in Forum on May 22, 2018
Even though we regularly clean the pipeline with hydrogen peroxide or with citric acid the film is present inside the pipe. We haven't tried with pressure pumps. That may work I think.
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interesting we are using citric acid to lower PH , will pass onto farmer
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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov Dear Dr. Fiodor, Fill the pipes with 2% Citric acid (PVC pipes) and leave it over night and flush it with fresh water. When filling, allow the citric acid solution to run through the entire watering system. This gives a fair flushing of biofilm as well as the deposit of calcium and magnesium carbonate.
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Dear all, a lot is depending on age of pipes. If they new, only sanitation is necessary to do. But if they old, at first is necessary to provide tubes cleaning. Watering system is filled by special cleansing solution (for example, Aquaclean), and exposition time is several hours. During cleaning process, gas pressure is increased, so is necessary to open at least one walve, to avoid pipes destroyi ...
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Susan Watkins hi all thanks for your replies pipe work ranges from 5 to 2 years old which is cleaned and flushed every batch with HP but what we found while using chlorine and acid we ended up with a bio film build up and the water tasted horrible. the chlorine and acid was introduced after the clarifier which means that the iron and manganese was then oxidized out in the last tank which also ...
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andrew page Andrew Maintaining the 25-50 ppm residual is often necessary to prevent recontamination since poultry water systems can be vulnerable to the reintroduction of pathogens irregardless of how clean the system is. If in your part of the world you are frequently challenged with respiratory diseases, then even more reason to keep sanitation pressure in the water. Since you have thoroughly ...
Discussion created on November 18, 2013
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September 24, 2013
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