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Ingénieur Zootechnicien Volailles
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Please your address mail or mobile phone whattsapp
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Thank you for the article and the overview on these so-called secondary or emerging mycotoxins. How can we have access to your analysis or detection technique?
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What is the composition of the Lumance product?
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Many thanks for this interesting updated on Histomona control in turkeys and poultry breeder.During last years, we have been working successfully using natural products (From Biovet - Spain) which contain bioactive principles and focus on the prevention and control of histomona problems and improving the performance of turkeys and breeders. In accordance with the zootechnical results obtained and ...
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Sorry, there is some exaggeration in your comments.Litters are not stagnant (in Europe you do not raise poultry on accumulated bedding.)
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Some diets of the consistency of droppings they will generate can promote the appearance of pododermatitis;- An excess of sodium or potassium for example!!!- A wheat-based diet in which the use of enzymes is not optimal can lead to intestinal disorders and diarrhea!At your disposal.
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Really topical subject. Pododermatitis is multifactorialTo reduce the risk of developing pododermatitis, it is necessary to play on several levers- Density per m2- Mastering the ventilation parameters- Litter moisture management- The diet also plays indirectly on the appearance of pododermatitis.Finally, pododermatitis management will first start to choose the right material of the litter. Peat, w ...
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Innovad will be present at the Poultry Science Association annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas (July 23-26). At this conference, Dr. Alireza Khadem will present research results on the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of Lumance® in in vitro and in vivo experiments. During the event Innovad will push its 3 key poultry messages: Necrotic Enteritis, no medication (Lumance& ...
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Hello If I repeat the comment of Philip Quinn, we can not declare all the components of the product. Legislation allows it. Anyway, in the EU there is a positive list of plants to use.It is true that polyphenols can be used to manage oxidative stress. I notice that your products are mono ingredients even the product composed of grape seed extract of nor feed.
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Interesting article on the impact of phytonutrients in the intestinal microbiota. It is true that phytogenic products are widely used today as additives in food. They contribute little to the effectiveness of the food. They are known for their antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-parasitic activity. But there is a new approach to the use of these phytogenic products. This is the enzymatic regulation. ...
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