Video published on March 2, 2018
Joseph Hess (Auburn University) explained how this method works and the advantages it provides for the prevention of poultry diseases, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
Video published on February 28, 2017
Joseph Hess, Professor and Extension Specialist at Auburn University, talked about moisture in poultry litter, water quality, and environmental concerns, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2017
Article published the December 2, 2016
Water is the most important nutrient for poultry; survival time is limited in its absence. Birds can survive for longer periods without any other nutrient than they can survive without water.Although water is regarded as the most essential nutrient, it is impossible to state its exact requirements. Birds generally drink approximately twice as much water as the amount of feed consumed on a weight b ...
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This member gave a presentation on January 26, 2016
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IPPE 2016 - International Production & Processing Expo 2016
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January 18, 2016
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