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News published on July 6, 2005:

Asia - Vietnam culls more bird flu-infected poultry

Over 7,000 ducks infected with bird flu viruses in Vietnam's central Quang Tri province were culled this week, according to Vietnam News Agency on Wednesday. For the same reason, another over 10,000 infecte...
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People's Daily Online
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News published on July 1, 2005:

Int’l - Japan to cull 94,000 more chickens near farm with bird flu outbreak

Authorities have already culled 25,000 birds at the infected farm in Ibaraki prefecture (state) northeast of Tokyo after officials discovered the H5N2 strain of bird flu, considered a less dangerous strain than...
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Poultry Today
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News published on June 29, 2005:

Asia - Vietnam raises compensation for bird-flu culls

Vietnam, the country hit hardest by bird flu, has increased compensation for farmers whose infected poultry are being culled in an effort to contain the spread of the virus, officials said Tuesday. Farmers ...
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News published on June 27, 2005:

Japan - Bird flu busters start extermination of 25,000 chickens

Local government officials on Monday began the extermination of about 25,300 chickens at a farm where avian influenza was detected. Led by Ibaraki Gov. Masaru Hashimoto, a bird flu task force ordered the kil...
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Mainichi Daily News
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News published on June 21, 2005:

Int'l - Avian Flu News Report

Vietnam reports new bird flu outbreak Vietnam, which has seen no bird flu outbreaks since April, has found that some 6,000 chickens in southern Ben Tre province either infected or killed by bird flu, local ...
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China View / Forbes
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News published on June 17, 2005:

India - Health Ministry to hold meeting on bird flu

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry will shortly convene a high-level meeting to chalk out a strategy for tackling bird flu, in case it hits the country. The meeting is likely to be held in the last we...
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The Hindu
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News published on June 15, 2005:

EU - Avian flu controls and pigs

The European Union is proposing to legislate on avian flu controls. Although its proposed directive is targeted mainly at the poultry industry, movement of pigs would also be involved. "The proposed laborato...
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National Pig Association
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News published on December 7, 2004:

Int’l - Avian influenza - a notifiable pig disease for the future?

Recent discussions with Defra's exotic disease division indicate a need to formulate a control policy in the event of avian influenza entering the country. No case has so far been reported of a transmission ...
Source :
Ian Campbell - National Pig Association
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