How to protect the pig feed supply chain

Topic: Pig Nutrition
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June 4, 2021
I propose to you as follows for the transport of pig feed from the feed mill to the farm with the following contents.
1) Naturally, the CV in the formulation should be less than 4, and there should be no contamination of the drug.
2) There should be no separation of powder or contamination until bulk bean after mixing.
3) There should be no separation of feed when loading pig feed from the bulk bin. If the CV is over 10 when loading, install a separation preventer in the bulk bin and the CV should be less than 10.
3-1) When inserting bulk bin, it should be inserted without dust when visually inspecting the bulk bin through the upper inspection hole. It should not be dusty like an indoor room, that is, a separation preventer should be installed well.
4) Pellet feed should be loaded with less than 0.5% of powder.
5) For pellet feed, the interval between SCREEW and CASING should be adjusted to less than 3 MM.
6) When the pellet feed is unloaded from the farm bin, it should be unloaded in more than 30 minutes.
7) By installing a thermometer in the farm's FEED BIN, the temperature of the feed should be managed below the ambient temperature.
8) Every time feed is put into the farm bean, it should be cleaned in the feed bin with a broom.

Remarks, please feel free to ask me about the preventive measures for the above items at any time.
June 4, 2021
PS: It must be supplied directly from the feed mill to the farm. You must never do this before being transferred to another BULK CAR in the middle before arriving at the farm.

Thanks, CHOI
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