Aquaculture: Most efficient system for obtaining animal protein

Date of publication : 10/7/2016
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"Aquaculture is today the most efficient system for obtaining animal protein", said official FAO Subregional Headquarters for Mesoamerica, Carlos Eduardo Pulgarín.
"Through this practice, a ton of animal protein can be obtained in less space than that needed with cattle", the expert from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) told agence Prensa Latina.

"We need more protein and fish also brings us more fatty acids, essential for the growth of children. It also allows older people to improve their circulatory system", he added.

Pulgarín is in Cuba for the beginning of the FAO TCP/CUB/3501 project "Establishment and Implementation of a Genetic Improvement Program for Freshwater Fish", which started this week in Havana with a two-week workshop for specialists, researchers and officials related to this sector.
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