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Dear Mr. Kourie, As a successful developer of Atlantic seawater Tilapia farming, I specifically appreciated your article re Miracle Fish P1 & 2. Informative and useful. Here in St. Kitts my focus was mainly on Tilapia introduction through research, development and Training. The "St Kitts and Nevis Aquaculture Pilot Project and Environmental Research, is a very small operation using Geo Membrane ...
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Dear Dr/Mr Martinez, We at the St. Kitts and Nevis Aquaculture Pilot Project and Environmental Research (SNAPPER) have found your detailed and extensive article very interesting and would like to further explore with you some of the concerns, suggestions and conclusions relevant to the article. We have been able to grow successfully Mozambica Tilapia in full strength Atlantic seawater, and would ...
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Hi, with the bad rap tilapia aquaculture is getting in the media , especially in Asia, leaves alot to be desired where the viability of small farmers is impacted. Here in St. Kitts we have perfected the science of growing tilapia in full strength Atlantic seawater. In addition the fish is grown in Geomembrane lined tanks. This is practised in an intermitent one-way flow through system. The que ...
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A very interesting study, and opportune. This is especially significant due to the bad rap, tilapia farmed fish is experiencing in the west. Any justification for the utilization of dried -treated sewage in aquaculture, would by necessity require a mammoth change in perception. neverthe less science and technology marches on.
Article published the March 21, 2014
(First published: March 2006) Small islands with no rivers or clay have always had to forgo assistance to develop aquaculture. With the rapid depletion of reef fishes in the Caribbean, St Kitts was forced to import fish for the local tourism industry and local consumption. I would like to share the excitement of successfully growing Tilapia in 100% seawater inland. This project began in 1999 as ...
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Hi Dave, Many thanks for your detailed reply, it was very helpful. My research has resulted in the production of Tilapia in full strength Atlantic seawater. Growth is slower and reproduction levels are lower than fresh water. However, we have commercial results. Now the remaining problem is the supply of suitable feed which is extremely expensive. I am currently experimenting with Duck Weed, using ...
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Still not sure , which fish food components encourage the production of Omega 3 fatty acid, please help me. I need the info thanks.
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