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Benefits of free medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) on poultry gut health

Published: January 16, 2018
Dr. Randy Payawal (Nuscience) shares his research on a medium chain fatty acid and its ability to control pathogens, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Muzzamal ijaz
dan hofer
10 de junio de 2019
hello Joe stanyer i would be intrested in your lo cost turkey feed
Joe Stanyer
Farmer Joe Group
14 de marzo de 2018

I have been monitoring your subject for many years now. I am the leading Pioneer of Tropical Turkey Farming, which started in 1988 in Thailand.
I'm currently setting up the ASEAN Turkey Farming Centre in Davao, which will be the hub of a new regional rural industry.
It has been VERY DIFFICULT setting up in the Philippines, as I seem to be up against a lot of arrogance and ignorance, (and probably laziness) in both public and private sectors. However, after more than one year of time wasting, I have found a quality ally in Davao DTI. I am not a quitter....I'm persevering with this project, but I URGENTLY need to find quality partners.
My LO COST Plantation Farming System makes Turkey Meat a serious competitor to both Pork and Chicken. You can find me on FB.
I was unable to make direct contact.

Amin Nahal
17 de mayo de 2019
good presentation thank you
Moushumi (Moushumi Dutta) Dutta
Moushumi (Moushumi Dutta) Dutta
15 de marzo de 2018
Very nice presentation by Dr Payawal. A noble approach for reduction in antibiotic usage for poultry production. I request you to please send me details of MCFA products and its inclusion levels in poultry at this email - drmdutta2003@yahoo.co.in. Thanks and regards,
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