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Poultry Health Management .

Published: June 25, 2019
By: Rakesh Kumar
Poultry Health Management is an important component of poultry production. Infectious disease causing agents will spread through a flock very quickly because of the high stocking densities of commercially housed poultry.The best fed and housed stock with the best genetic potential will not grow and produce efficiently if they become diseased or infested with parasites. For poultry health management to be effective a primary aim must be to prevent the onset of disease or parasites, to recognize at an early
Rakesh Kumar
Growel Agrovet Private Limited
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Babul Kumar Bhattacharjee
25 de junio de 2019
Dear Sir, Please find below web links and let me know the device name and from where we can purchase it as it shown on Picture for the Poultry Health Management. As we started huge poultry farm in West Bengal, India. Please advise and send medicine and Ciprocolen (medicine for poultry) and liquid multivitamin (Poultry) a softcopy of the poultry catalogue along with your contact mobile & WhattsApp number at your earliest convenience.
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