The vicious cycle of necrotic enteritis in layers

Published on: 03/25/2014
Author/s : Teresa M. Agulles Teixidó, Plusvet

Necrotis enteritis has been ranked as one of the most important diseases affecting poultry operations nowadays. Its occurrence is increasing, especially in countries where antibiotic growth promoters have been banned. Very common in broilers, it is also encountered in laying hens, particularly near the beginning of egg laying or during production peak. Cases in pullets have also been described.Nec...

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March 25, 2014
are these products for prevention found in Algeria ?
March 25, 2014
Dear Mr. Hassanain,

Unfortunately, the products are not found in Algeria yet, we wish there will be available there soon!

Thanks for your comment!
S. M. A. Halim S. M. A. Halim
Deputy General Manager of City Feed Products Limited, City Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
March 27, 2014
Have a good product to be control of necrotic enteritis of broiler and layer. The product can be used any residual effect of meat and egg.

S. M. A. Halim
DGM, City group of Industries Limited. Dhaka, Bangladseh
Kurt Rihs Kurt Rihs
April 2, 2014
Based on the positive effects of Biochar reported on the natural immune system of poultry, cattle and other animals, its capacity to adsorb and immobilize toxins, etc., I recommend the inclusion of 0.5-2% (mass) of bamboo Biochar or active charcoal in the poultry diet. It should reduce the effects of Clostridial toxins and reverse the symtoms in infected poultry as well as substantially reduce the potential for Necrotis enteritis in healthy poultry. For trials with bamboo charcoal I recommend you request samples from SEEK on their website:
Myna E Myna E
April 16, 2014
Have a good product to be control of necrotic enteritis of broiler and layer. The product can be used any residual effect of meat and egg.

This product fight against fowl cholera, fowl typhoid, crd coryza ,Necrotic enteritis, gangrenous dermatitis

contact form more details -
Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
DVM, MS(Theriogenology)
April 23, 2014

Very useful but those drugs are not available in Sri Lanka

Dr Fayyaz Ganie Dr Fayyaz Ganie
May 7, 2014
Gut health management is a burning topic in poultry. what i beleive is it takes a broad strategy.
1.reducing NSP from feed
2.using enzyme cocktails
3.Using phytogenics
4.pre & probiotics

their are products on the market which are based on phytobioaxtives & pre-probiotic combinations & are very useful in managing Necrotic entritis in poultry.
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