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Role of India as an important player in feeding the world population

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January 16, 2023

Yes, no doubt, India is a important country for feed/ food production in the world. For Bangladesh, is more important than other Countries- products are easier to import, less transport cost, other technical support, language communication etc which are getting more benefits from India. So, thanks to honorable M D of ABTL for such type of online seminar.

January 17, 2023
Very apt topic. We indeed need to look at overcoming challenges shared and work on opportunities pointed. There is no other protein source which is scalable for such a young,growing and about to be largest population on this planet.
January 18, 2023
1. The poultry sector, which has an extremely important place in terms of food safety and nutrition, is the fastest growing agricultural sub-sector, especially in developing countries.

2. The most important segment of the livestock industry is the poultry sector.

3. An extremely complicated industry in itself, the poultry sector consists of many different levels of production, including feed factories, hatcheries, breeding farms, and processing plants

4. Although these developments contribute to the growth momentum of the market, some problems that have a negative impact also stand out as obstacles to the sector.

5. One of these problems is the role of poultry in infectious diseases.

6. Observation of current trends in poultry production plays a major role in choosing topics which are precise, concise and clear.

7. The main challenge in the future is not only to produce more, but also to do this in a sustainable and safe.

Dr V.Rajendra Prasad
January 18, 2023
Yes Sir, Raw material management and investment on it will be the game changer for marketing edge in the coming time. In a regulated scenario the availability of quality material will be a challenge at the normal cost.
January 21, 2023
Very rightly said sir
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