Prevalence of Very Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) in Egyptian Delta

Published on: 03/19/2015
Author/s : Amir Aly Fekry1,*, Khalil, Samy1**, Hany Ellakany2 (1M.V.Sc Microbiology (Immunology), Faculty of Vet. Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1Dept. of Poultry and Fish Diseases, Faculty of Vet. Medicine Damanhour University, Egypt, 1**, Head of Dept. Microbiology (Immunology), Faculty of Vet. Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt)

1. IntroductionInfectious Bursal Disease (IBD) serotype 1 viruses continue to cause direct and indirect significant economic losses to poultry industry. The direct economic impact of IBDV is due to the high mortality rates [1, 2]. The indirect economic impacts is due to IBDV-induced immunosuppression of infected birds [3], Infectious bursal disease viruses are non-enveloped, icosahydral member of ...

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Veterinary Doctor
March 19, 2015

In commercial broilers, in case of IBD outbreaks, most people immediately give IBD live combined with LaSota. Is this practice correct?

Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
dr of veterinary medecine
April 2, 2015
i think the main problem in egypt is originated from primary infection of the farms by gamboro and most of the infection from it is very easy and low in its mortility but after it take its curve the doors of hell is opened and the virus like avain newcastle and avain flu and infectous bronchitis is entered easily
i think using of hot vaccine like IBD BLEN and other is the main problems which make bursectomy to bursa and the bird will be immuno supressed
good luck
dr abdelaziz
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