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Participation in Forum on September 14, 2015
Dear Dr Ram Peasad, In Broiler Feed The Energy / Protein Ratio is Enough Between 120 to 130 for Starter & Finisher Feed.
Participation in Forum on July 29, 2015
Phytase Enzymes - How Much Calcium is exerted from Feed , whn Added at Dose 100gm / Tonnage of Poultry feed ( Phytase )
Participation in Forum on July 24, 2015
Dear Dr What is ur Batch Size / Birds per Hour . Abdominal fat is optimal level or seems little bit more deposition around chickens belly / internal organ of that particular batch.
Participation in Forum on June 26, 2015
Ozonization of Water to Poultry is Best But Should have regular Flushing of Pipelines with Water Dis Infectatnts Aquamax at Prescribed Dose-to Avoid Bioflim Formation. Dr K SenthilKumar Manager Technical Service Venkys India Ltd - VBD.
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2015
1- In case of Broiler Commercial Chicks, Majority of IBH -Outbreaks or Clinical Case Seen between 2 to 3 rd week. 2- In Case of Broiler Parent Birds (chicks ) - During Brooding , 1-st wk -Suspected. This Difference is well Appreciable or Something Else.
Participation in Forum on March 19, 2015
In commercial broilers, in case of IBD outbreaks, most people immediately give IBD live combined with LaSota. Is this practice correct?
Participation in Forum on February 18, 2015
Main Dis-infectants usage in controlling the ILT Outbreak -If Any. If used TCO -ILT Vaccine , Still Some Issues , Can within a Gap of 2 weeks Can CEO-ILT Vaccine Can be Administred.
Participation in Forum on January 28, 2015
What is the role of Ma5 live vaccine here in laying farms and Ib -Killed Vaccine ( Mass + Nephro type ) Segment in growers.
Participation in Forum on January 13, 2015
Is Gout Cases in Commercial Meat Type Broiler Birds -got any correlations with Gizzard Erosion Leisions -like.
Participation in Forum on June 29, 2014
Betaine- Dose per tonnage of breeder ration. Whether to be added in both Female and Male Feed.
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