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Air is made up of appox. 21% oxygen. Air acts as a big reservoir for oxygen. Oxygen concentration in water is limited by its solubility: Borewell/Tube well water has NO DISSOLVED OXYGEN? “Norm...
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Hi, My name is Boni Ikhlas..an analyst at university Sains Malaysia. i want to ask about water holding capacity value of poultry meat (like chicken, ostrich, quail etc). Thanks for attention....
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I have been using chlorine dioxide as a water sanitiser for years and have seen problems with leg health. Other producers have seen simular problems. Recently, I have heard that D3 is somehow locked u...
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Dear Users, This is an interesting forum from our Spanish community, generated by the Veterinarian Fabián Ruiz Herrera from Peru: I wonder if there is any scientific experience in the addition o...
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