Innate Immunity: Impact on Broiler Performances

Published on: 01/24/2018
Author/s : Yuvaraj Shanmugam, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India / Veterinary Doctor.

“A healthier bird produces an economic output” is the one phrase which every poultry producer would agree upon from their daily farming experiences. The poultry industry strives to achieve this healthier state through precise nutritional and management practices. In nature, the chicks are being exposed to various challenges like physical, environmental and infectious agents from the mo...

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Kb Bohara Kb Bohara
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
January 24, 2018
Dear dr Yubraj
I think this issue is very very important not only fron economic but also from sustainability point of views .
We all know that biological diversity in this beautifull planet is based on symbiosm and no stalk-holder has right to violate the rule of game
You have have sweetly and shortly discussed the basics of Innet defense system of our (animal)body.
I have a strong feelings that Young scientist tody need to focus more on adoptive part of reseach so that we can protect biodiversity and handover to our future generation.
In my opinion animal body defence systems and a country's security systems are operated in same principles . The three examples I present below probably are some among innate system failure example
1 border security wall building between Mxico and USA proposal of US president: why existing border security unable to prevent
unwanted ailment from entering into the nation and creating a national probleb
2 never ending Peace and security problem in J & K of India.
3. The quality of innate defence difference between indigenous local species presendays modern species or strains of chicken.
The reasons of above three examples in my opinion are also samilar. Border innate security failed because of financial corruption and the innate defence of our modern chicken can not protect them effectively because we ( the scientist ) have focused only on our vested interest while developing the new strains for commercial purpose only and recommending hundreds of exogenous different molecule to be applied ( about which we ourselves are not 100 percent sure) as solutions

Yuvaraj Shanmugam Yuvaraj Shanmugam
Veterinary Doctor
January 24, 2018
Kb Bohara Thanks for your comments. In future, investing resources to study, understand and utilize the innate responses would add a lot of value to treat or prevent the diseases in an effective and economic means.
Serdar Özlü Serdar Özlü
PhD, Animal Science
January 24, 2018

Dear Dr. Shanmugam,

For chicks, innate immunity is started from egg yolk utilization. Therefore, we need to recognize the quality of chick, which had absorbed yolk before placed to the house. When you have a good chick quality due to hatchery management, you dont need to care of chicks after placed. They can manage their mortality and production performance ability. I think that you need to focus on the breeder immunity for broiler performance. It can be affected from them. Kind regards.

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