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Do High Energy Feeds Contribute To Layer Prolapse? And Egg bound?

We have a layer poultry farm here in the philippines. 2 bldg. with a population of 9,400/bldg. The breed is lohman white. Age is between 20 - 28 weeks old with a production of 70% and 90%. The problem is our mortality is ranging from 10 - 15 heads per building per day. primary cause of death is prolapse and egg bound. we fed them with a high enery feeds, does the high energy feeds contributes to our chicken prolapse? Temperature is around 28 to 30degree celcius.

Steven tan
Poultry farmer
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July 2, 2016
Additional info : drug info per kg contain : amoxycilin 20grams, colistin 800,000,000 IU. My Egg mass production is arroud 45 grams. Total of double egg yolk and over 53gr egg size is not more than 3% of total production. Temperature is 26 - 32 oC. Thanks
July 5, 2016

High energy feeds can actually cause prolapse. Excess energy is converted to fat which is deposited at the abdominal region thereby reducing the size of the vent and the hen will have to forcefully bring out the same size of egg through a smaller vent. This causes part of the egg formation system and other internal tissues to be pushed out along with the egg by force in an attempt to lay the egg. The hen can die of shock.
Dilute your feed with high fiber feedstuff like wheat offal.

Salvador Abayon Jr Salvador Abayon Jr
Poultry farmer
October 4, 2016

My birds is now at 70 weeks, the weight is 1700g, feed consumption at 107 g/b. light intensity is 10 lux. most of my mortality is prolapse, our feedmill nutritionist told us that the feed is high in digestible amino acid. the egg we harvest is around 40 % are xlarge egg. would high amino acid increase egg sizes?
April 4, 2018

Dear Steven,
l think there is problem in body weight homogenity, early light stimulation, incorrect light intensity & unbalanced feed formulation.

October 22, 2018

Hi All Dears,
I am a small farmer, also my flog aging 72 weeks is in same conditions since 28 weeks of age, my flog also hit by H9 in 28 weeks [mortality about 2000 birds], Egg Productions reduce 93% to 35%, after that I used many antibiotics/vitamins regularly about 28 weeks to 36 week's then egg productions goes to maximum 50%, this is the time prolapse started on very high side about 30 birds daily, after this my doctor advised to go for molding in April when birds age was 46 weeks, after molding when egg started in again 50 weeks egg production goes to almost 88%, but prolapse is still there in same manner about 15 to 25 birds daily age 73 weeks, so you all requested to guide me in this favor and oblige.

Salahudin Chattha
Gujranwala Pakistan

January 15, 2020

Good day, my major challenge is this prevailing incidence of prolapse which is causing high mortality in my flock on daily basis, whereas there's no significant difference in the size of the eggs laid as there are no extra large eggs laid
Please what's the way out of this challenge?

January 15, 2020

If the flock is maturing earlier with high body weight, going up fast with daily jumps above 3% better we hold the light till the flock stops going up.
check the problem is true prolapse or vent picking. Adding salt to water 0.5gm pet liter or up to 4kg per ton (total not additional) will help reduce picking. Debeaking at this stage will reduce production but picking will be controlled.
The aggressive birds resorting to picking can be identified with stained beaks. If they can be observed and debeaked the incidence can be reduced. Observation is possible in deep litter and California type cages with 3/4 birds per cage. Difficult in multi tire cages with more than 5 birds per cage. Don't replace the bird when one bird dies. the killer bird will kill the new incumbent.
True prolapse in well-debeaked birds will come down by controlling the egg size (with reduction in methionine and energy).

January 25, 2020
Well said
fatai adeyemi yisau fatai adeyemi yisau
Poultry farmer
February 17, 2020
I have this experience of picking in my farm last year. What always do. I separated to another cage. As you rightly said debeaking them may cause reduction in their laying at that stage.
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