Gene expression and nutrition. F. Rutz (Alltech)

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Talaat Mostafa  El-Sheikh Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh
T. M. El-Sheikh Prof. Dr. of Poultry Production, Head of Animal & Poultry Prod. Dept.
June 29, 2013
Dear Dr. Fernando
This is good idea
Did you have any paper about the gene expression and nutrion.
I would like to send me these papers if you have.
my e.mail is
Robi Amizar Robi Amizar
Poultry Nutrition and Feeding
July 15, 2013
Dear Dr. Fernando

I interested about this topic
I'm graduated student at Bogor Agriculture University (IPB), Indonesia

Rapid advancement of science and technology in the field of molecular genetics in optimizing the performance of broiler production through genetic selection has been carried out continuously. Accordingly, improving the production performance of broiler can be done through nutrigenomics approach by optimizing the effects of feed concomitantly with broiler genetic improvement. Development of nutrigenomics in Indonesia, tropical environmental condition, so far is relatively slow. Current breed of broiler in the market is the result of superior genetic selection conducted in the US or in European countries. It has to be noted that superior genetic potential could not be expressed optimally without being accompanied by an appropriate feed and feeding program. In this regard, therefore, we need to explore nutrigenomics in order to determine the effect of feeding on gene expression of poultry in order to optimize their production performance and health. Such determination, i.e. the effect of selenium on the expression of heat shot protein 70 (HSP70) and glutation peroxidase (GPx) genes, an advanced tool or method is required especially for detecting genes and genomic markers that have been tested for accuracy. As the ultimate goal on the application of selenium for tropical environment, we could make the broiler survive for tropical temperature and for the future we could develop a certain breed of broiler that has genetic potential suitable with the quality of local feed and tropical environmental condition. Or, we could also modulate feed and nutrition in order to support production and performance of the existing broiler genetic resources in Indonesia.

How about you this topic? would you like share about information for this.

Robi Amizar
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