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Forum: Formulating Feed for Broiler Performance

Published on: 01/27/2009
Author/s : Dr. K. R. Gunasekar (Courtesy of Avitech Animal Health Pvt. Ltd.)
Every year the marketing age of broilers decreases by an average of 0.75 days for the same performance. This trend is likely to continue in the same direction for the coming years. Nutrition plays a vital role in enabling this improvement. As the feed cost represents an expensive input (~70-80% of broiler production cost), the poultry producer should be aware of the dynamics of the feed in its inf...
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February 7, 2009
I fully endorse the writer's views. It's a very good article, but as per my observations in the field, the lysine requirement for pre-starter and starter should be slightly more.

Dr Sushil Chandra
February 21, 2011

the article about formulating feed for broiler performance is very good however, the effect of stress and ammonia on growth is not mentioned,please update this info it will be very helpful.

Khalid Gaafar Khalid Gaafar
Export Manager
August 12, 2011

Dear Dr. Gunasekar

It is important to use and manibulate these facts dealed with different ratios of amino acids and energy to decrease the protein content of the diet (low protein diet) with the same efficiency to produce food conversion=1.5

I have puplished it and is now my modern technique

Prof. Dr. Khalid Gaafar

March 5, 2012

Is there a way to feed broiler chickens in the type of 100% organic.

April 21, 2012
The article is really interested but special feeding requirements during winter seasons has not been dealt.
June 12, 2012
Nice article thumbs up. But I suggest to Engormix to formulate a feeds and make supplement/ vitamins for fighting cocks (Endurance and Enhance Performance Pils)l..It's a lucrative business in the Philippines. Thanks
Milind Rainchwar Milind Rainchwar
Animal Nutritionist
September 18, 2012
Thanks a lot sir for this informative article.... truly it will help for the budding as well as the experienced nutritionist..... thanks once again....
September 21, 2012

Excellent article. Many thanks. However, could I get any tips on using soya bean as protein source in poultry feeds. For example, how can I detoxify it, i.e. removing the anti-nutritional factors. not on industrial scale but on a Small farm where I want to process my own high value feed. Could I have a few basic rations for broilers using simple ingredients such as maize, s/flower, sorghum and soya and with soya and fish meal.

Conrad Mokokong Conrad Mokokong
December 12, 2012

In my region we have crops maily: maize, sorghum, beans, sunflower. What could be the best typical recipe ration for making broiler mash feed.e.g.grower mash?

Olumide Agbesola Olumide Agbesola
Poultry farmer
January 2, 2013

A very nice piece. I need to know what the impact of light got to do with achieving target weight (1-8kg-2.0kg) within a stipulated time frame of 42 days. How do we combine the feeding time, lighting time and quantity of feeds?

Maheswar Rath Maheswar Rath
BVSc &AH,MVSc &AH,poultry science, Ph.D. Poultry science
January 2, 2013

Dear author, I am happy to see your article and you have justified the guidelines required for a farmer or a technician for formulation of broiler ration.
May I get some clarification on the following points:

1- Do we get good response with Na%-16, and cl%-30. Is there any difficulty involved is such situation?
2- You have given a DEB range of 200-250 in prestarter and starter and finisher. If i keep it at 200meq then i get good or at 250?
3- How do you suggest for veg feed which restrict more bacterial load as compared to non-veg feed?

Thank you sir. dr m rath

Khaliel Alrahman Abusharkh Khaliel Alrahman Abusharkh
bachelor degree
January 3, 2013

Dear Sir,
Thank you for sharing us your valuable experianced , my question is

1) what is the optimum performance you acheived with these diets ? what is the killing age, killing body weight, F.C.R and dressing percentage ?
2) Does this recommendation workable in all breed ? or you have differant specification for every breed ?


January 4, 2013
Thanks a lot, but i notice the 21 percent CP for finisher diet is excess and make more cost for production.
Kingsley Okoye Kingsley Okoye
Veterinary Doctor
January 5, 2013

Thanks for you article, but I am finding it hard blending some ingredient to be able to arrive at the stipulated crude protein and energy level with limited cost.Can you give me a guide. Thanks

Kapil Dodhi Kapil Dodhi
January 19, 2013

Dear Mr Khalid Gaafar, 
Pl give detailed feed formulations and application of low protien diet yielding 1.5 FCR

With warm regards,
Kapil Dodhi
Abro Farms, Delhi

January 23, 2013

Dear sir this is an interesting information presented to some of us in the business of poultry feeds manufacturing but the writer did not consider the effect of summer-winter variations while formulating the feeds. Secondly he did not also mentioned the effect of lighting on the performance of the birds along with the strains of the broiler so that the grower can attained a table weight in 6 weeks of about (3.5kgs) live weight with least feeds cost.

May 23, 2013
Thanks a lot, its very infomative. but i notice the 21% CP for finisher diet is excess and make more formula cost. so I would like to know in detail how to calculate the % digestible lysine and amino acid energy ratio. thanks
Dismas Temmba Dismas Temmba
Business Development Manager
October 12, 2013
also I would like to know in detail how to calculate the % digestible lysine and amino acid energy ratio. thanks
Junaid Khan Junaid Khan
December 2, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have managed de-oiled rice bran and want to use same for poultry feed, can anyone advise on its feasibility and formulation.

Best regards
Junaid Khan
January 15, 2014
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