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Excellent comments Dr. Martha. We really need to rethink biosecurity in the egg production chain, if not all, at least in some of the countries of Latin America.I have tried do my best to take this concept forward. In all my contacts with producers and technicians I always dedicate 50% of the time explaining that biosecurity is an investment with excellent return, and not an expense.As far as Salm ...
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Antibiotics have been added to livestock in Industrial farms since 1946 to caused animal grow faster and put on weight more efficiently. Between 1985 and 2001, the use of antibiotics in feed for industrial livestock production rose a starling 50%. As global demand for animal protein grows, antibiotics use to raise food-producing animals in intensive production–mostly to promote growth rather ...
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Is there a way to feed broiler chickens in the type of 100% organic.
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