Field comparisons of two natural product alternatives to a commercial antibiotic growth promotant (AGP) program in broilers

Published on: 03/25/2020
Author/s : Leandro Redondo 1,2, Gaston Royero 3, Natalia Casanova 2, Ernest Pierson* 4, Juan Diaz Carrasco 1,2, Mariano Fernandez-Miyakawa 1,2. 1 Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, 2 Instituto de Patobiología, CICVyA, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuara, 3 Frigorifico de Aves Soychu, 4 The Pierson Consulting Group, LLC

    Phytogenic compounds, probiotics and organic acids are used in broiler feeds as an option to AGPs due to their ability to emulate properties of antibiotics. This study’s goal was to compare a field AGP (virginiamycin 100 g/MT) program (T1) with two antibiotic free programs: Lactococcusbased probiotic+yeast MOS+a blend of Italian Chestnut-C/Argentine Quebracho-Q bioactive ex...

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Asharf Shalaby Asharf Shalaby
Bachelor vet medicine
March 25, 2020
Dears what is the the exact extract, amount as dose per ton,is it available commercially ,as many company now introduce different photogenic substance or extract competing AGP?
Mariano Fernandez Miyakawa Mariano Fernandez Miyakawa
Investigador CONICET - INTA
March 25, 2020
Dear Asharf Shalaby

The extracts are commercial products based in a blend of vegetal extracts (polyphenols). It was used in 0.5-1 Kg/ton but recommended doses depends on your particular challenge. This is not a new alternative, it has been used for more than 10 years now but this trial was used to compare cost/efficacy benefits of using just this phytochemical alternative. I strongly suggest to switch AGP programs to any of the available alternatives that would produce you similar benefits.
Please let me know any question that you would have.
June 9, 2020

How does it compare with a Carvacrol/Oregano and Cinnamaldegyde mix?

Mariano Fernandez Miyakawa Mariano Fernandez Miyakawa
Investigador CONICET - INTA
June 10, 2020
Jim Currie Dear Jim,

Sorry, no idea, but it would be interesting to compare....
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