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Jim Currie Dear Jim, Sorry, no idea, but it would be interesting to compare....
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Dear Asharf Shalaby The extracts are commercial products based in a blend of vegetal extracts (polyphenols). It was used in 0.5-1 Kg/ton but recommended doses depends on your particular challenge. This is not a new alternative, it has been used for more than 10 years now but this trial was used to compare cost/efficacy benefits of using just this phytochemical alternative. I strongly suggest to s ...
Article published the March 17, 2020
    Phytogenic compounds, probiotics and organic acids are used in broiler feeds as an option to AGPs due to their ability to emulate properties of antibiotics. This study’s goal was to compare a field AGP (virginiamycin 100 g/MT) program (T1) with two antibiotic free programs: Lactococcusbased probiotic+yeast MOS+a blend of Italian Chestnut-C/Argentine Quebracho-Q bioactive ex ...
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Article published the March 10, 2020
1. Introduction The demand for poultry products has grown exponentially in recent decades and it is estimated that production will reach 130 million tons of chicken meat in 2020, when it will become the most consumed animal meat in the world [1]. Among traditional livestock species, poultry are the most efficient feed converters, with a feed conversion ratio in the range of 1.6–2.0. The ma ...
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The importance of the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract of animals is recognized to have an important role in host health and productivity. In this study, we sought to assess and characterize the microbiota in the feces of poultry chickens from several farms of 2 different integrators in the same geographical region of South America. These companies were changing AGP program to an AGP-free ...
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Dr. Steve Blezinger Everything? I heard that the problem is the misuse of antibiotics, either in human or animal medicine (i.e. giving antibiotics to healthy animals as growth promoters or unnecessary use in human patients). I also understood that use of antibiotics (doses and timing) are related with resistance and around 70% of all antibiotics produced in the world were fed to animals. So OIE, W ...
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Paul B. Tillman, Ph.D. Antimicrobial resistance can be promoted by many other factors besides the use of antimicrobials. I agree we need to go deeper with the prudent use of antimicrobials and the use of any other technology or products that also indirectly select resistance. We have to change our view and support the use of new alternative products considering also if they are or not promoting an ...
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If it is not absorbed in healthy animals it will be thrown to litter which again contaminate the soil ..
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