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Dr. Steve Blezinger Everything? I heard that the problem is the misuse of antibiotics, either in human or animal medicine (i.e. giving antibiotics to healthy animals as growth promoters or unnecessary use in human patients). I also understood that use of antibiotics (doses and timing) are related with resistance and around 70% of all antibiotics produced in the world were fed to animals. So OIE, W ...
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Paul B. Tillman, Ph.D. Antimicrobial resistance can be promoted by many other factors besides the use of antimicrobials. I agree we need to go deeper with the prudent use of antimicrobials and the use of any other technology or products that also indirectly select resistance. We have to change our view and support the use of new alternative products considering also if they are or not promoting an ...
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If it is not absorbed in healthy animals it will be thrown to litter which again contaminate the soil ..
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Park W. Waldroup Theorically, are not absorbed in healthy animals. Do you have information regarding animals with epithelial barrier damage as occurs during coccidiosis or enteritis?
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University, government and industry representatives will gather for The 2019 Multi State Feeding and Nutrition Conference on May 21-23 at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown in historic Union Station. It will be a great opportunity for all to be updated, exchange information and discuss the latest research in poultry nutrition, trends in the poultry industry and socialize with friends and col ...
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Plant extracts from hops have been shown to have efficacy against Clostridium perfringens, a causative organism of Necrotic Enteritis.
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INTRODUCTION Antimicrobial agents have been used extensively for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in food animals (Dibner and Richards, 2005; Niewold, 2007). The concomitant risk of spreading antibiotic resistance to human population through the food supply chain and the environment is important since many classes of these antimicrobial agents are also used in human medicine. ...
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