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Satish Sharma Thank you, Satish for your comment. Green tea, blueberry, grape, etc. polyphenols have lots of benefits for health. Polyphenols are very powerful molecules that were part of animal diets during millions of years and natural evolution forces were acting with the presence of these molecules. Unfortunately, in the last centuries, we were progressively removing them from our diets and pa ...
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At Anthem, we have been evaluating efficacy of Polyphenols ( Green Tea extract and Resveratrol ) and for Lysozyme in specific towards Necrotic Enteritis control. We have been witnessing very effective results. Polyphenols with string anti oxidant property are quite effective in controlling infections and building immunity. infect combination of Polyphenol with Lysozyme / Serratiopeptidase has b ...
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Reuben D Walker Reuben, I understand you ask for the reference: Effect of tannins on the in vitro growth of Clostridium perfringens. A M Elizondo, E C Mercado, B C Rabinovitz, M E Fernandez-MiyakawaVet Microbiol. 2010 Oct 26;145(3-4):308-14. doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2010.04.003. Please dont hesitate to ask for any other information.
Article published the July 22, 2020
Previous studies showed that inclusion of polyphenol-rich plant extracts in feed improves performance in ruminants, but the effect may vary depending on the dosage used. It has been shown that polyphenols modify the digestive process through modulation of gastrointestinal microbiota and bypass of protein digestion. The rumen houses a highly complex microbiota which is able to convert indigestible ...
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Jim Currie Dear Jim, Sorry, no idea, but it would be interesting to compare....
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Dear Asharf Shalaby The extracts are commercial products based in a blend of vegetal extracts (polyphenols). It was used in 0.5-1 Kg/ton but recommended doses depends on your particular challenge. This is not a new alternative, it has been used for more than 10 years now but this trial was used to compare cost/efficacy benefits of using just this phytochemical alternative. I strongly suggest to s ...
Article published the March 17, 2020
    Phytogenic compounds, probiotics and organic acids are used in broiler feeds as an option to AGPs due to their ability to emulate properties of antibiotics. This study’s goal was to compare a field AGP (virginiamycin 100 g/MT) program (T1) with two antibiotic free programs: Lactococcusbased probiotic+yeast MOS+a blend of Italian Chestnut-C/Argentine Quebracho-Q bioactive ex ...
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Article published the March 10, 2020
1. Introduction The demand for poultry products has grown exponentially in recent decades and it is estimated that production will reach 130 million tons of chicken meat in 2020, when it will become the most consumed animal meat in the world [1]. Among traditional livestock species, poultry are the most efficient feed converters, with a feed conversion ratio in the range of 1.6–2.0. The ma ...
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The importance of the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract of animals is recognized to have an important role in host health and productivity. In this study, we sought to assess and characterize the microbiota in the feces of poultry chickens from several farms of 2 different integrators in the same geographical region of South America. These companies were changing AGP program to an AGP-free ...
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