Eubiotics: Definition and different concepts

Published on: 09/11/2015
Author/s : Dr. Jiri Broz, Dr. Christophe Paulus, DSM

Introduction About 20 years ago, the use of feed antibiotics and some other antimicrobial compounds, used as performance enhancers became the target of increasing public criticism and a topic of political controversy (particularly in the EU countries). As the first country in Europe, Sweden banned the use of antimicrobial growth promoters as early as 1986. The use of avoparcin as a growth promote...

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Emeka Ogazi Emeka Ogazi
Poultry farmer
September 11, 2015
Transparency and Economic Development Initiatives TEDI, is an NGO involved in Animal Production . We are deeply involved in Manure Kiosk Management on how to use The World of Probiotic in emission control and Reduction for climate change resilience. We produce Beneficial Microbes in our Reactor Plants. Probiotic use in Animal and crop production is an amazing. Reference to this statement below:

Several beneficial claims have been established for microbial probiotics, but it is not always possible to provide sufficient scientific evidence to back up these claims.

Yes, You can not scientifically know, study the behavioral activities of these millions of Probiotic Beneficial Bacteria, is a tasks of its own, singling out one microbes out of, Millions of Beneficial Bacteria involved in your listed points leads you to endless study and infinite of no conclusion. Who is the scientist who will ever embark on that? Let us benefit from what the Providence provides in Probiotic to the world to benefit as you stated below

1.Competitive adhesion of probiotic microorganisms to epithelial receptors may prevent the attachment of pathogenic bacteria (rational behind “competitive exclusion”);
2. Aggregation of probiotics and pathogenic bacteria;
3.Competition for nutrients between probiotic and undesired bacteria;
4.Increased synthesis of lactic acid and reduction of intestinal pH;
5.Production of specific antibacterial substances;
6.Reduced production of toxic amines and decrease of ammonia level in the gastro-intestinal tract.
7.Beneficial effects on the intestinal immune system, an improved intestinal defense against viral infections.

How these millions of microbes convert protein to fiber, eat-off the harmful bacteria in a host animal, that infect, colonize, damage and cause mortality of animals are amazing. When Probiotic right quantities are administered to animals you observe an amazing growth of the animals, emission of ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide are lowered when applied to animals, it propels amazing growth. You cannot single out one Beneficial Microbes in a multi-Million Probiotic microbes involved in booming production of animals.

The problems we encounter using Probiotic is right dossing the animals. If you ever make mistake of over administering the animals with Probiotic, the farm stinks, swarms of green flies will cluster your Pens. We use Probiotic no 5 to suppress the flies out from our farm. Probiotic make litters/manure watery when you don't use the right dossing. we are studying using POP to address the problem, though we fear sulfide may be introduced. If you know how to tackle the issue of watery litters in using Probiotic , may you advise us. We can not make a mistake of stopping Probiotic in our farm as result of watery litter. Probiotic is cost saving, removes use of antibiotic in our farm.

Elder Ogazi Emeka
Abakaliki Ebonyi State Nigeria

November 24, 2015
The challenges of diseases are more potent than the ability of Eubiotics
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