Effect of different inclusion levels of whole corn from 14 to 42 days on productive and processing performance of broilers

Published on: 09/15/2020
Author/s : Fozol Ovi GS, Wilmer Pacheco, Charles Starkey, Martha Rueda / Auburn University.


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Sushil Chandra Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
September 15, 2020

Dear sir
Why there is need to have such experimental trial using whole corn.
However, I would like to see commercial gain in terms of wkly body wt , FCR and wt gain at 35 days with FCR as, nowadays, nobody keep broiler Bryan’s 35-36 days.
Dr. Chandra. 

September 24, 2020

In India, we sell our broilers at 2kg weight and 35 to 36 days is correct. we also sell mostly live birds so the yield is not important.
in most of the countries the chicken is sold as cut up parts and portions like breast fetch double the price. dressing percentage and yield decide the extra profit. The birds are slaughtered at 3kg and above live weight for those markets any tips that increase the yield are important.

Asharf Shalaby Asharf Shalaby
Bachelor vet medicine
October 26, 2020

In the summary you said (The inclusion of whole corn did not influence BW, feed consumption, FCR, and organs weights) so the benefit is where other than reduce or no proventriculitis.
Also can we have some picture of these 4mm pellet with 9% whole corn high durability?
Also Is there an application on big no trial Like complete flock to see the conclusion of these trials in the field?

November 12, 2020

While using whole corn... what will be effect of MFAs and coccidiostats also inducted quantity of vitamins will be altered it is better to have incorporate the results of different replicates by proximate analysis by vet chemistry or at least by NIR.
Vet Amir Naveed.

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