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Effect of dietary supplementation of essential oil and organic acid alone or in combination in broilers

Published on: 10/25/2020
Author/s : Frances Yan, Juxing Chen, Vivek Kuttappan, Deana Hancock, Mercedes Vazquez Anon Novus Inernational Inc

    Both essential oil and organic acid have been demonstrated to improve growth performance and gut health of broilers. With their different mechanism of action, it is hypothesized that combining them could provide additional benefits. A floor pen study with 1728 day-old male broilers was conducted to evaluate an essential oil blend (EOB, NEXT ENHANCE® 150, 1:1 thymol carvacrol)...

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October 25, 2020

Frances (Fenglan) Yan, I congratulate the team of researchers for their work, with the treatments and number of birds sufficient to evaluate the products in question. A single detail that caught my attention was the fact that no action of organic acids in modulating the immune system of birds has been proven. Therefore, how to justify the improvement observed in the FCR of birds with the use of OAB., If the results of the work did not prove, the recognized action of short chain organic acids in increasing IL 10., whose action is to decrease the proinflammatory cytokine production.

Mangalmurti Pathak Mangalmurti Pathak
MVSc & A.H. Animal Nutrition
June 22, 2021
It is very difficult to mix either 15 g / 30 g essential oil blend per MT .
Frances (Fenglan) Yan Frances (Fenglan) Yan
Research Sr. Scientist-Poultry Nutrition
Novus International Novus International
St Charles, Missouri, United States
June 22, 2021
Thank you for your comment, Mangalmurti. The Novus essential oil blend product, NEXT ENHANCE® 150, is micro-encapsulated with a patented technology. Its physical properties, such as particle size, angle of repose, and compressibility, allow it to mix well at the low doses. To address concerns of some customers, we have a premix of this product that is 10X diluted with dosage increased 10X.
Mangalmurti Pathak Mangalmurti Pathak
MVSc & A.H. Animal Nutrition
June 23, 2021
Premix is must.We just can not mix it in a batch of 1MT
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