Comparison of Two Control Methods of Decontamination in a Poultry Slaughterhouse

Published on: 07/11/2012
Author/s : Nadir Alloui and A. Ayachi (Laboratoire E.S.P.A., Poultry Sciences Division University of Batna, 05000, Algeria)

INTRODUCTIONThe directive of the WHO and the FAO recommends, today, the recourse to HACCP principles for the control of the microbiological quality of the intended foods to human consumption (FAO 2012). One of the most important parameters intervening in the biosecurity of slaughterhouses is the cleaning and decontamination procedure applied to different sectors of the slaughterhouse. It is accord...

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July 11, 2012

Dear Dr. Nadir Alloui,

Quick & reliable methods of enumerating bacteria on surfaces are well come in the meat processing industry and it is good that the experiment done to show both methods are comparable as one can choose which method to use. Though Pro3S method is faster, there can be instances that the results can deviate far from the actual. For example, if a surface is contaminated with left overs of microscopic fibers of meat together with few bacterial cells after the disinfection, the results can be with errors as the method relies on the amount of proteins present on the surface. Yet one can argue that there can not be left overs of meat fibers after cleaning & disinfection, this is a possibility in real industrial situations.

D.C.Hettiarachchi - Sri Lanka

Arshaq Ramzee Arshaq Ramzee
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
August 2, 2012
Very informative and practical article.
Nadir Alloui Nadir Alloui
Veterinary Doctor
August 9, 2012
Dear Colleague Christopher

I think this experience can not be taken as a reference. This is only a test. For reliable results, one must repeat the experiment several times and make statistical studies, for a final conclusion.
Best regards

Pr N. Alloui
Poultry Sciences Division
University Hadj-Lakhdar-Batna
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