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Mycoplasma gallisepticum field strain and ts-11 vaccine DIVA PCR tests

Published: May 31, 2021
By: Kristina Beranová

Dear colleagues, I would like to ask you if some of you have experience with Mycoplasma gallisepticum field strain and ts-11 vaccine DIVA PCR tests? I found Kylt DIVA from Anicon (Germany) but the setup of the kit does not allow the detection of double "infection". i.e. if the sample would be positive for both strains (field + ts-11) there is no chance for me to distinguish between them. Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks, Kristina.

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Kristina Beranová
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Chris Morrow
Bioproperties PTY Ltd
1 de junio de 2021
Dear Kristina, I agree with you. We found this when I was in Budapest with Miklos. The definition of a field strain by being negative in a test is a real problem. Most strain specific PCRs are less sensitive than pan Species PCRs so it is easy to get a Pan positive/strain negative result on direct swabs. Miklos group have published MG vaccine PCRs (MAMAs) and we have a CAST PCR here. One of the big problems is that ts-11 populations initially appear to peak (about 40% of vaccinated birds on individual PCRs) about 4 weeks after eyedrop vaccination and then decrease to being nearly undetectable until the onset of lay. After peak of lay (40 weeks) nearly 100% ts-11 are positive - and as this happens they often seroconvert. No field strains have been found in these flocks (Zavala and others 2015). It adds to the myth that ts-11 protection only lasts to 40 weeks. This is not the pattern of MSH (but I think it is probably the pattern of 6/85). Anyhow one things for sure - Serology is useless in Vaccinated animals. We will be publishing on this soon and presenting at the AAAP meeting this year.
Kristina Beranová
7 de junio de 2021
Dear Chris, thank you very much for your reply and for sharing your experiences. I thought there could be some easy accesible commertial kit but the reality is different. Yes, I've read publications from Miklos's team. Their lab is highly specilized in mycoplasmas. Our company has been cooperating with them for a long time. Thank you, regards Kristina
Chris Morrow
Bioproperties PTY Ltd
7 de junio de 2021
can you please email me chris.morrow@bioproperties.com.au
Alkam Ahmad
28 de septiembre de 2022
if the mg and ms pcr test give + ve results for vaccinated live and killed mg breeders but no signs off infection appear on birds or post mortem or production and eggs quality or hatchability what i can do to make accurate tests or what will be the reasons of +ve results ?
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