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The effect of four betaine products on replacing methionine and choline supplementation on growth performance in broiler chickens from 10 to 28 days of age

Published on: 5/11/2020
Author/s : A, P. Agostini, B, Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Auer, Sales Director Betaine Feed at AGRANA, A, W. van Hofstraeten and L. de Lange, A (A, Schothorst Feed Research, Lelystad, The Netherlands. B, AGRANA Zucker GmbH, Tulln, Austria)

Introduction and Objectives

Betaine (BET) acts as a methyl donor to convert homocysteine into methionine (MET), sparing both choline (CHOL) and MET. In the last years, synthetic MET and CHOL became a key concern in feed formulation as their prices have increased and hence BET can be an economic alternative. Objective: to test the bio-equivalency of 4 commercial BET products (3 anhydrous and one hydrochloride) in broiler grower diets low in MET and CHOL.

Materials and Methods

  • 840 day old males and females Ross 308 broilers were housed separately in 42 pens (2.2 m2 ).
  • Experimental diets were fed to broilers from 10–28 days of age.
  • 7 dietary treatments with 6 replicates (20 birds / pen) as follows:

T1) Low CHOL, no added MET and a ratio d.M+C/d.Lys of -10% of standard (0.63). d. Lys = 10.5 g/kg feed.

T2) T1 + 0.7 g/kg MET from DL-MET with d.M+C/d.Lys ratio at standard (0.70),

T3) T1 + 0.7 g/kg CHOL from choline chloride,

T4) T1 + 0.7 g/kg BET as ActiBeet® VC,

T5) T1 + 0.7 g/kg BET as ActiBeet® L,

T6) T1 + 0.7 g/kg BET as Product C,

T7) T1 + 0.7 g/kg BET as Product D.

  • Response parameters:

Body weight gain,

Feed intake,

Feed conversion ratio.

  • Data analysed with ANOVA (Genstat).


No interaction “Treatment x Sex” was observed in any trait (P > 0.10).


Addition of 0.7 g/kg BET (on equimolar basis) from ActiBeet® VC, ActiBeet® L and Product C were able to fully replace the equal amount of added MET and CHOL in broiler grower diets when d. M+C/d.Lys ratio decreased from 70 to 63%.

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