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We are working on the IBH treatment.. results are encouraging . waiting for refined results soon. We have already launched Very good Medication for Avian Flu / Bird flue named 'VVND IBD CURE" in India and Got hugh response from Industry.
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Teresa M. Agulles Teixidó Thank you Ms.Teresa I will go through the same on the website.
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Dr. Atul Deshmukh Plant extracts have multiple mechanisms of action against pathogenic microorganisms: inhibition of quorum sensing, direct toxicity on the cell wall, alteration of protein synthesis, reduction of the levels of ATP, reduction of the intracellular pH, and more. These mechanisms of action can happen at the same time, that's why the spectrum of action of plant extracts may be broader ...
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Can you explain how plants possess most and broad spectrum powerful antibacterial activities? We can educate the users to reduce the use of antibiotics and can divert towards the use of phytochemical products.
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Threat of Coccidiosis is always there in poultry field all over the world. As per Ancient Ayurvedic Science there are so many plant extracts those act against many Bacteria, Virus ,Protozoa's and Parasites. Our Indian kitchen provide everyday medicine for Human health. The Plant extracts in different form and concentration have very good results in Animal health too. Rainy, humid or Hot and humid ...
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As there lot many researches in Ancient Ayurveda there are Many plant and their extracts have Good antibacterial and Antiviral properties . They also have effect on Parasitic infections too. Coccidiosis is really a dangerous threat as its subclinical form is a predisposing factor to trigger the penetration of anaerobic bacteria and cause enteritis in Animals.
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Oxidizes and heated fats are often added to feed. Oxidizes fats disrupt the digestive system. Plusvet Animal Health presents Natural Solutions through drinking water and feed.
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Does Actibeet replace some part of Lysine and Threonine also
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Dear Manish, i fully agree with Dr Yasin Amro and Dr Nishant Patel. I found the same problem in one of the flock under my consultancy. Its a sporadic one. but should be treated with full course of Anticoccidial lIke Amprolium for 3-2-3 day basis or 4-2-3 basis and Should be given BMD 350 gm -500 gm per ton of feed during the treatment. Enramycin would be another choice to add in feed instead of BM ...
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As treatment of this case amprolium 50-60-% in drinking water for 5 days, at the same time use vitamin k and vitamin AD3E for 7 days, for secondary enteritis infection use amoxicillin in drinking water for at least 3 days. For the coming Flocks it is better to use vaccines in the first week to prevent the infection during the production period.
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