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European Poultry Conference 2014
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European Poultry Conference 2014

Modeling the use of energy in broiler farms

Published on: 10/1/2014
Author/s : C. Garcés-Narro, J.I. Barragán-Cos, Mª D. Soler-Sanchis (Department of Animal Production. CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Valencia, Spain)
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The aim of this paper is to model the use of energy in broiler farms and to use such model to estimate the energy costs of raising chicken in different parts of the world. The model would reveal the most effective locations for broiler rearing. 
The model has been developed using similar types of facilities in terms of ventilation systems, and isolation regimes, as well as similar nutritional requirements (e.g. similar energetic value of feed) to avoid variability caused by other factors.

One of the factors considered in the model is the cost of the energy source. 
Modeling the use of energy in broiler farms - Image 1

The other important factor in the model is the climate of the place where the farm is. 
Modeling the use of energy in broiler farms - Image 4
Our results show that the best locations for broiler rearing are those with warmer climates, and where the energy price is lower. The reason is that heating the facilities is more costly than cooling them
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