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Global protein demand requires new approach to animal farming

Published on: 6/24/2020
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The rising global demand for animal protein means that traditional ways of livestock farming are no longer enough to optimize poultry production. Instead we need to look at using a combination of science, expert knowledge, intelligent software and seamless connectivity to help improve every stage of the process. Data from the entire value chain can be transformed into valuable information that, with help from experts, can lead to new knowledge about livestock farming. This is what we mean by the term Precision Livestock Farming.

To implement this approach, we utilize a range of products and services with our customers:

1. Amino Tools and Services

Amino Tools and Services provide the analytical means to optimize animal feed. Having access to precise knowledge of nutritional values and feed specifications helps reduce variation in feed quality, resulting in more consistent flock quality. This optimized feed mix ensures animal health, performance and yield.

2. Porphyrio®

A self-learning algorithm mixed with science and expert knowledge helps to predict animal performance and plan production accordingly. This software integrates a huge amount of data from different sources like feed, water consumption, temperature, and visualises key parameters like body weight, weight gain, and egg production. Porphyrio generates new insights that can be evaluated by Evonik experts to provide recommendations on how to optimize the production process.

3. ScreenFloX®

Our latest development, non-invasive ScreenFloX® allows for detection of many infections at an early stage, before diseases have a chance to spread. The highly sensitive and quantitative test results enable both an early warning system and a control mechanism for gut health measures. ScreenFloX® provides robust, reliable and representative test results about an entire flock’s health and microbial status in a short period time.

Combining these tools and services, with expert knowledge and scientific evidence will help producers to meet the global food challenge more effectively and sustainably.

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Evonik Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) means using advanced technologies ...