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Zearalenone Toxicity in Swine

Zearalenone Toxicity, a Significant Factor in Reduced Swine

Published: March 31, 2011
The presence of zearalenone in feed is unavoidable and zearalenone toxicosis is hard to treat. The most practical way to treat zearalenone toxicosis is to use an enterosorbent to prevent the initial dietary absorption by the gut and subsequent conjugated zearalenone compounds from being reabsorbed via enterohepatic circulation. Due to its rapid absorption in the small intestine, the inactiva...
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Saikim Gimbang
26 de abril de 2011

Very good articles and very informative about Zearalenone Toxicity in Reduced Swine

Dr. Karki Kedar
27 de abril de 2011

Thanx for very imformative article about Zearalenone Toxicity in Reduced Swine

Nutritionist Doaa
8 de septiembre de 2012

THANKSSSSSSSSSSS for this article about Zearalenone Toxicity

Eddiemar Lagua
31 de mayo de 2016
Thanks for this article. Can you suggest what product is the most effective in controlling zearalenone toxicity? Zearalenone is reality. it is always present in the feeds. the only solution is to prevent the toxicity. but my question is HOW?
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