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Dr. Karki Kedar
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Senior veterinary officer,Central Veterinary Laboratory Govt.ofNepal Tripureshwor Kathmandu Nepal
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Discussion created on November 28, 2012
It has been found that the use of some Zinc preparation, when it is used in water and feed, has benefits in livestock, equines and goat health and production.
Article published the June 5, 2012
Introduction Agricultural byproducts comprise main feed source for livestock production in south Asia. Due to unprecedented rainfall, paddy harvesting was severely affected during mid November last year. The paddy plants were thoroughly wet and straw from such plant were used by farmers. As a result Degnala disease, as reported by British animal health technician Sarlow in 1930 was seen in buff ...
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Article published the May 24, 2012
History: Jumla DLSO reported the death of the periodic total 31 adult mules With symptoms as abnormal behavior, aggression, changing habits, misalignment proprioception, abnormal pupillary response to light, agalactia, anorexia , ataxia, blindness, circling, colic, coma, cyanosis, reduced stool volume, stool away, constipation, decreased bowel sounds, decreased, absent thirst, hypodipsia, adipsia ...
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Participation in Forum on May 7, 2012
District gorkha t risk ,vets n livestock dev officer unawere
Participation in Forum on May 6, 2012
hypothesis is not clear tratment advice is not accepted by farmer,
Participation in Forum on May 2, 2012
Hypothesis regarding Khari is noot clear every year it is changing
Participation in Forum on April 29, 2012
There are many query Dr.Bista khari in darchula baitadi till date finding indicate that it is choronic selenosis with combine mycotoxicosis. Furthermore it is what I call Nepales vet disease syndrome. No it does not restrict to buffaloes only. Although the name of diseaes is Degnala. I have mentioned about its history. Now I will say it is moldy straw, feed, fodder poisoning in livestock pig, poul ...
Participation in Forum on April 26, 2012
Saprophyte that is fungus grow on decaying biomass they are fusarium,aspergillos,penicillium, when rice straw contaminated with these fungus when they metabolose in body thye produce mycotoxin in turn the toxin causes elastin fiber to elastinase,collagen fiber to cillgenese,keratin to keratinase. That's why there is drying and sloughing of extremity,chalk like powder coming from hoof.if not loosin ...
Article published the April 25, 2012
IntroductionPaddy harvesting, threshing and its storage are major agricultural activities in south Asia during the November.  Such rice straw is the major fodder for cattle and buffaloes during winter lean period. It´s a fact that rice production needs source of water supply for irrigation as water is indispensable throughout production period. The rice straw should be properly dried be ...
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Participation in Forum on November 30, 2011
Thanks for information
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