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Discussion created on February 21, 2015
Dear friends, please discuss solutions to overcome poor egg quality like shell less, weak shelled and poor albumin quality (even in good looking shelled eggs) after ND/AI or both even when after problem 1. Feed intake is full/upto the standard 2. Culling & mortality is nill and 3. Production has reached up to 70% from 25%.
Participation in Forum on December 21, 2014
What happens in open houses in Pakistan with seasonal flocks:1-Mostly birds are under weight during rearing.2-Early stimulation starts due to seasonal variation.3-Under weight,early stimulated bird now reach at production but can't take required feed due hot & humid weatherUltimately faces problems especially PROLAPSE along with more starter eggs,post peek dip. I suggest farmer should hav ...
Participation in Forum on December 20, 2014
Sir ,Can't understand.Needs detail & elaboration.
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Sir, kindly guide how you have calculated relative leakage area 1.17 Regards.
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