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Martin Smith Thanks for your comments. This is a great input and let me explain more. In practical diets for broiler breeders the methionine (M) and cysteine (C) are limited and most diets cover the minimum requirements. And flocks fed with levels of M+C that match the requirements shows egg oversize. Why? In practical diets of broiler breeders the digestible lysine is above the requirements, mean ...
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Big congratulations for wonder years well spent .
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First of all I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all vets all around. Despite all participations and thoughts from dear vets, I would like to remind all of u that the isolation and identification of the causative agent is the rule of thumb.
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Juarez Donzele Thank you for the answer, Dr. I'm very interested in everything that has to do with mineral and vitamin supplements and, since you are specialized in nutrition, I appreciate your help in keeping me informed of all that is new. Regards.
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It shall be great .So much interest from me.Cost and benefits will add value to power of the acceptance
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Quite interesting. Is Liiteron agent available in West Africa ?
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Dear Mr.Purushotham, Your all queries is answered through my article if you have had carefully reviewed its content & forum discussion. However I would like to highlight that you have followed the same old conventional procedure by using materials such as agricultural lime (Calcium carbonate-CaCO3, pKa-9) & Caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide-NaOH, pKa-13) which are highly alkaline in nature. Though t ...
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