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Since feed is from same source for other healthy farm, mycotoxin should be excluded. I suggest your case either fungal infection as candida or adenoviral infection also you can suggest colstridium infection ( colstridium colinum)
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I would say F.C.R depend largely on quality of feed ingrdients and formula used and breed genetic make up plus healhty bird i think incease dressing percent with the advance age can compenste the slow growth rate (more F.C.R)
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very informative but concentrate on the effect of I.B in layer rather than broiler although the disease of great economical importance in broiler
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Really it is unique product as the field challenge for N.D is tremendously increasing globally. I would like you to detail more what do you mean by full protection it is broad term.
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Dear Colleague Thank you all for this informative disscusion Gumboro disease is a major threat to poultry industry especially in developing countries like my country Sudan. It is good practice to exchange ideas and comment and upgrade our know how. My field experience is although vaccinating the broiler birds with intermediate vaccine according to Elisa prediction date in day 8 and day 16 I notic ...
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