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Technical Manager of Venky's (India) limited at solapur Maharashtra. Duration 1998 - 2003. Regional Technical Manager of Evialis India Limited Mumbai Subsidiary of Evialis France. Duration 2003 - 2006. Assistant Project Manager of J K TRUST Gram Vikas Yojana Mumbai at Khammam...
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Specially brooding is effect on growth of birds. it may seen as uneven growth of birds. Brooding is a critical stage to all typrs of birds. 1. Temperature - Provide better source of heat and adjusting the temperature based on the chick activity Air temperature in the facility must be uniform in all areas. Chicks will huddle and will not eat if the environment is cold. 2. Humidity - For chicks, id ...
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MD outbreak in layers
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Chicks housed-6109 birds sold-5712 totsl kg-17607.08 ABW-3.082 FCR-1.717 Mort-6.50 CFCR-1.45 mean age 47.60 DG- 60.92 This results at nashik i have seen very fantanstic.
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FCR also depends upon the what type of raw material and its nutritional value. if you use animal source of protein in feed FCR will better. so rich protein with balanced enegry helps for better results &FCR.
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FCR depends on the target of rearing age of Broiler Bird. More you expand the age of rearing more would be FCR irrespective of any situation. Growth rate get slow when age advances after 35days. Now in Nasik Region of Maharashtra I have seen 2.5 body wt. FCR 1.62. which is having mortality 2.82%. I think these type of FCR shows better for poultry Industry. Dr. Mohan Giri.
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