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Werner Bessei This is why I believe it is important to use a "dawn/dusk" dimmer. If the lights are brought on gradually you will avoid potential piling and scratching problems. In my opinion breaking a six hour dark period into two three dark periods somewhat defeats the purpose of having a dark period. I know I would rather sleep six hours continuously than have two three hour naps.
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Sanjay Shah I am amazed that the landscape fabric heats up so much and that you can capture this heat by pulling air through it. I am building something also very low-tech but quite different. We started with an old hog barn that had 3' half walls down the north and south sides (155') with 4' of open space above. Last year we put reflective insulation on the upper space of the north wall and poly ...
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It is beneficial to view the results of this 9-year study in conjunction with extensive published reviews that concluded that there is no consensus regarding the impact that cage, barn and free-range egg production has on Salmonella contamination of eggs (Holt et al 2011 and Whiley et al 2015). An Australian report indicated that fewer free-range flocks than indoor flocks were found to be environm ...
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Water Treatment with stabilized CLO2 is more effective. It works under wide Ph range of from 3 to 10. It is superior to chlorine when Ph is above 7. It does not hydrolyze in water so its germicidal activity is constant over wide Ph range.It is effective on bacteria, spores, virus, fungus and Algae (bio-film).It does not change the taste of water.
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