News published on January 6, 2020
The event will take place in Atlanta, USA, and gathers key players from the poultry farming industry ICC Brazil, a pioneer in the production of innovative solutions for animal nutrition based on yeast additives, will participate in the IPPE 2020 (International Production & Processing Expo) as an exhibitor. The event will be held on January 28-30, in Atlanta, USA. It is the largest annual even ...
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News published on October 4, 2019
The conference will gather 600 exhibitors and the best poultry professionals in Latin America ICC Brazil will introduce solutions focused on animal welfare, intestinal integrity and uniformity of chicks at OVUM 2019 – 26th Latin American Poultry Conference, which will take place in Lima, Peru, on October 9-11. ICC Brazil, a pioneering company in the production of innovative solutions for a ...
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The period for growing/raising broilers is short. Therefore, handling, nutrition, and hygiene errors can cause economic losses, since there is no time to recover the performance after the damages arising from possible failures. The early investment in the growth cycle of these animals is essential to enable them to reach their full genetic potential.  The use of functional nutrients/additiv ...
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Gagan deep sobti, both live yeast and metabolites will do the job and provide improvements on the rumen activity. It’s important to select pure yeast products, not blended ones with corn/cereals residues. Live Yeast is very efficient as oxygen scavenger, but it’s necessary to have proper handling to guarantee the yeast will get the Rumen LIVE and do the job. When you pelletize it, you ...
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Can any body guide us which gives visible results in dairy cows diet live yeast or metabolites.
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When we talk about Yeast Cell Wall (YCW) and its benefits to mitigate heat stress, It's important to consider a YCW source that originates most as possible indigestible fibers (MOS and B-Glucans), as what we look for it's a YCW that is able to reach the intestine without being digested on the way through. Otherwise, we will have those sugars digested in the rumen and no effect as expected. We can ...
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