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some kind of nutritional problem. should be related to mycotoxin.
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Berek I have noticed cannabalism in first week of age and in that case light intensity was more than 3 time the requirement. The problem dramatically ended within hours of decreasing light. Bibek The measures you have mentioned above are the things that we do mostly and most of the time they are right. If you have Lohman breed,then the problem is totally feed quality. If other then 1. space per ...
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and what is the effect on coccidiosis??
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you have posted only one picture and it is difficult to diagnose exactly. would you post more pictures?
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what if we start with LaSota strain on 5-7 day age for broiler and/or layer?? some farmers are using LaSota strain on day 5 of age Dr. Kumar Paudel Nepal
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Two days ago 8000 broiler chicks came from Malaysia after a 42 hours journey. They seemed to be highly dehydrated and were initially given water with electrolytes and multivitamin. But within 20 hours they started cannabalism and 7 birds died yesterday. I have not seen such case in that much young bird. everything is according to the instructions but the problem is still there. what may be th ...
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i want to comment on things. 1) I am from Nepal and here we vaccinate broiler and layer birds before day 10 against IBH and ND, and in both the cases the number of outbreaks is reduced. what may me the logic behind that?? 2) According the author vaccination during outbreaks of ILT and Fowl Pox are beneficial. I have never practiced vaccination during such outbreaks but in case of ND, live F or B1 ...
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