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Biomarker analysis is a powerful tool to evaluate the true exposure of animals to mycotoxins. Toxicokinetic studies with mycotoxin analysis in blood are required to test detoxifier efficacy. Mycotoxin analysis in blood in combination with feed analysis is a complete and powerful way to assess the overall impact of mycotoxins to animals. RISE® is a novel platform that combines a comprehensive ...
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Well done!
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Denise Russi Rodrigues (Ohio State University) talked about manipulation of microbiota, use of lactic acid bacteria and mucosal immune response, among other topics, during the 8th Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis, USA.
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Innovad® is proud to announce Myco-Marker®: A unique new service for measuring the risk and assessing the true impact of mycotoxins in feed on the animal’s health. Join us for the global launch in Atlanta (IPPE - Booth A1157) and Moscow (MVC - Booth A720).   Myco-Marker® is a patent pending DIAGNOSTIC TOOL to evaluate possible exposure to mycotoxins and their impact on an ...
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The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), a non profit organization, with partners like the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the University of Luxemburg and local Veterinary faculties has been giving high level training for 150 practicing poultry veterinarians from 22 countries during the last four years It took place in six countries (Veterinary faculties) se ...
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Dear Dr. Ahmed, thank you for your comments. Trust that most of the vaccine from good producers are good as they have been tested for efficacy and safety. The efficacy evaluates by challenge SFC with high pathogenicity ND strain to allow the vaccine to be used in the market. Also, keep in your mind these vaccines have been working well against ND for a long time, the problem in these days we have ...
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Introduction A common human propensity is to regard all microorganisms as “harmful”, in particular, equating bacteria to pathogenic germs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The number of beneficial bacterial species far exceeds the number of pathogenic species and many of the known bacteria are in fact useful or even indispensable for the continued existence of life on Earth. ...
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KETER K. ISAIAH the WVEPAH courses are normally designed for experienced professionals in the poultry industry who already have some previously acquired expertise and who wish to improve/complete their knowledge in some areas and most importantly of all have their expertise certified through the diploma “Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production”. The regulatory part of this diploma is val ...
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Robert Gauthier Thank you so much.
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Mohsen Farrokh Nia No but a sufficient level to understand the course and write the exam at the end. The exam is a multiple choice question with only one good answer. However we give the course notes to the students around one month ahead of the course, for them to prepare, especially is English is not their first language..
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