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I have queries like the supplementation of these nucleotides in PS(Parent stock) is there is any research on this and that has implication in transferring the humoral antibody? The second query was the addition of nucleotides in commercial broilers ---to the entire period(day 1 to till culling) or to only inthe perliminary stages The third query does your nucleotides would be denatured duri ...
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Good and informative. I´d like to put one query,whether the alum sulphate addition should be done from day 1 of broiler operation or at the time of wet litter formation.
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Ascites-major cause would be ventillation(Poor ventillation would lead to low o2) resulting in ascites. Most of the broilers rearing uses ration of high energy diet,for growing the bird at higher growth rate.Hence restriction of feed at 2 weeks to 3 weeks and supplementing high energy ration at finisher would help in reducing the problem. Light control would reduce the problem
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I agree with all the listed above 1.Body weight at lay 2.Uniformity >90% 3.Light intensity 4.Gut health-NE and subclinical cocci 5.Intestinal worms 6.Low fibre in diet 7.High ca and low P indiet 8.Too high CP indiet
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could any person supplement the vent pecking behaviour in bovans a normal or abnormal one. 1.Feed fibre 2.Calcium supplement is higher than the other breeds 3.Medium docile breed-aggressive in nature prone to pecking 4.Body weight
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