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Poultry Nutritionist
Teaching and research on mono-gastric (e.g. poultry, rabbit) and poly-gastric animals( e.g. sheep, goat, cattle and so on); Consultancy and extension services to the farmers ( feed formulating, Broil
Poultry Nutritionist
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Hi fishmeal if added in the diet should be avoided to remove gizzard erosion or malady ;; sometimes fishmeal causes this gizarosine like ulcerative tissue
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Thanks Bursa ur nice article About the effects of Organic and Inorganic Chromium in Pharaoh Quails.
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Hello Mr. Kamran, Thanks for your article. its really a good strategy to keep disease incidences away from farming premises. Biosecurity/bio-safety is not a new issue-- it is applicable for every living beings in this world including human being. So it is in fact a great matter to take into consideration b4 establishing farm/firm with a view to run sustainable or lucrative biz. A good management e ...
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wow nice article , ayurvedic or herbal for broiler a new domension good author for your new addition
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