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Very good topic initiated for detail discussion. Precursors will definitely help to meet cow high requirement of glucose but cost wise needs to be explained in commercial farming. In India, cost of milk production is increasing drastically and procurement price is declining in last couple of years, which is alarming.
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hat is price. How it be collected,/ procured in India. Can I share details. We are keen to use in our commercial MOET program.
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What is product
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When urea with silvafeed @bypro used whether the BUN levels are changing in to increase urea. since it directly affects conception rate and intercalving period will increase to great extend and may put dairy farm in heavy loss.
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Good article on rumen bypass fat
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Very good categorizer of reproductive problems in field.
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This is an excellent paper. We at Agranco, Corp. USA, Have developed MAST-EX, oral treatment of Mastitis, via feed, that successfully addresses the premise of this Paper. José E Ferrer,PhD President Agranco Corp. USA WWW.AGRANCO.USA
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Very simplifed system for feeding of dairy cows , this will help for better understand dairy professionals feeding planning
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Thanks Mr. Brian valuable article heifer raising in dairy cattle.
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Very good detailed article about Dehorning of Calves. Passing clear message for farmers.
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