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Need based topic. Excellent talk to combat AMR. Dr. Salim, Bangladesh
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Dr. Md. Zaminur Rahman If you want you can apply right now this technology in your poultry industry. Thiis feeding technology is promising and developed in South Korea. Good Luck Dr. Salim, DLS, Bangladesh
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Dr. Md. Zaminur Rahman Thanks for your good comments. Already poultry industry in South Korea has implementing this technology since 2011. It is an excellent products in formulation of poultry diets without antibiotics. Hossan Md. Salim,, PhD National Laboratory Consultant Animal Feed Quality Section QC laboratory of Department of Livestock Bangladesh
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I have keen interest to attend this course. But unfortunately I have no fund from my office. So if you have any fellowship please inform me. Thanks Dr. Salim
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Is there any scholarship for this course? Dr. Salim, Bangladesh
Article published the March 19, 2019
Introduction The use of antibiotics and other antimicrobials has been practiced for many years to enhance growth performance, disease prevention and efficient use of feeds in the livestock feed industry (Barton, 2000; Gaskins et al. 2002). It is a growing concern about the potential of antibiotics in livestock feeds due to the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens in human and anima ...
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Ranganathan That's the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and safe for the human!
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Hello If you provide safe feed to the animal, you will get safe food from them.
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Dear All, How are you! I do agree with Aziz Sacranie that Alltech is the leader in regards to producing quality organic trace minerals for meat production. I have series of research during my PhD program using Bioplex Minerals especially Bioplex Zn for growth development, tissue mineral content and carcass quality of chicken particularly skin quality of the chicken. Some of our research findings ...
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Hello, The topic is very much essential for producing quality poultry as food safety is the crucial concern. When we are planning to produce Antibiotic free chicken, we should think about the sustainable and cost effective feed alternatives as well as we should address the farm Bio security. Without farm bio security, it will very difficult to produce safe poultry production. So, adequate manage ...
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