Hemayeatul Islam
Deputy Chief Veterinarian
Academic: Veterinary General Clinical Medicine, Obstetrics and Surgery practical and Internship supervision of the students. Consultation & Administration: Indoor-outdoor practice, consultancy service
Deputy Chief Veterinarian
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Novus is proud to join the best in the poultry industry in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. to discuss the latest in a vast array of research aimed at improving the efficacy, sustainability, and profitability of poultry production. The 2017 PSA Annual Meeting will take place at Orlando World Center Marriott, in Orlando, Florida, July 17–20, 2017 ResearchMultiple research abstracts were ...
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In world Animal winter cloth Distribution Program (Socially) First time
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Bangladesh Livestock Society (BLS) Installation Ceremony 2016
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3rd WVPA Asia Meeting
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Dr. Md. Hemayatul Islam
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Television Media talk about recent nature crisis in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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Discussion created on June 18, 2014
Now a days the farmer was not known the residual effect of drugs. so poultry meet is chance for residual effect. Any scientist could share the technique of calculate residual particles of poultry meet.
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Environmental olympyed at Rajshahi
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Tree plantation on world veterinary day-14
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Location:Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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Professional Title: Deputy Chief Veterinarian
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