Video published on March 26, 2022
Mycotoxins are well known for causing reproductive issues in sows and boars, what about in poultry breeders? Hear what Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, Poultry Consultant at Vetworks, Belgium, has to say about it
Video published on March 26, 2022
Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, Poultry Consultant at Vetworks, Belgium, speaks about the effects of mycotoxin contamination on animals
Video published on March 26, 2022
Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, Poultry Consultant at Vetworks, Belgium, speaks about how can be evaluated the risk of mycotoxins in animals
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Did you check for Histomonas? PCR is possible
News published on June 9, 2021
The WVEPAH course ‘Egg Layers’ is now available online. This course is an extensive overview of important infectious and non-infectious diseases at different stages of the egg layer’s production process. Participants will be trained to investigate, diagnose and solve both common and less common problems. This course will be held in English by a team of world-class Course Maste ...
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This award recognizes distinctive, outstanding contributions by an industry leader or leaders based upon a broad, even nonscientific, contribution to the poultry industry.   Roselina Angel University of Maryland Dr. Roselina Angel received her Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Iowa State University. She worked as a Research Manager at Purina Mills for 9 years after which she joined the Un ...
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Dear Park W. Waldroup, thank you for your comment! I want to add, that the best practical demonstration regarding the methyl group donor function of betaine, respectively methionine replacement, is the European organic farming where the synthetic amino acids are not an option because are not allowed by regulation (are not GMO-free). As nutritionist, I do not agree because the organic livestock nee ...
News published on March 10, 2021
Program • Welcome & Introduction  (5min) • Impact of mycotoxins on immune system: consequences on vaccination and disease outbreak (35min)Dr. Isabelle Oswald, Head of Research center in food toxicology, INRA, Toxalim, France • Q&A (20min) In order to favor interactions and the LIVE webinar, the replay will be available only at the end of the MycoI ...
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News published on February 16, 2021
MycoInfo Webinar Series by Adisseo Adisseo is pleased to share with you the MycoInfos Webinar Series. Mycotoxins are an invisible threat – invisible to the human eye and hard to diagnose at the animal level. However, it is well-known that mycotoxins impact an animal in differet ways, and the performance of an animal is not the only concern. As a consequence, the amount of inventiveness, t ...
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News published on February 11, 2021
The Ghent University Postgraduate course in Poultry Health Sciences will offer an unique opportunity to study in-depth the different aspects of poultry health sciences, bridging the gap between theoretical and applied knowledge, aiming to equip current and future professionals with knowledge, skills and understanding to address global and local challenges in future poultry production.   B ...
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